Hussain the Anti-Hindu

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Hussain the Anti-Hindu

Post  Dharma Sakthi on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:39 am

To read this article in Tamil Version CLICK HERE:

Our honourable(?) P.M, President and parliament Speaker are in great sorrow by hearing the death of that particular person and they express their condolence. They express that the particular persons death is a great loss to our nation and we deeply mourn the sad demise of him.
My dear subjects of Bharat "Do u know for whom this honourable persons crying? Is they crying For a death of a Freedom Fighter? Or for an MLA? Or for an MP? Or for an MC? NA! NA! NA! There irrespectable persons saying homage for ridiculous artist Hussain.
Who is this Hussain? Did he do anything to our nation's development or fight for any injustice happening in our Bharath? No, this ridiculous artist doesn't have anytime to remove the weeds in the nations but with the help of his skill, he just disparage our Bharat Matha & Durga Devi.
Is he born in Bharat where the same Vivekanandar was born, who highlighted the Dharma of Bharat among the forgien countries. Right now I have the responsiblity to remember the words of Vivekanandar said to an American citizen who asked him what's the difference between Bharat Culture and American Culture? With a great Roar Swamiji answered to him as "Seeing the all women as a Mother except Wife is our Culture". Bharathiyans always considerthf women as the form of Sakthi (GODDESS of power) & our nation as "Matha". Obviously, the manthras like "Bharath Matha Ki Jai" & "Vande Matharam"exploded the slave mentality & awakened the sleeping people from the slumber of long period of slavery from the men-monster Firangs. Crores & Crores of Bharathians heart still worshiping our Nation as Matha the how a mother of Bharathians could be indignited by "Lunacy" Hussain - did he born in this holy land? OH! Sorry. I forgot. He is a pork hating follower of Islam. So, ultimately from this we can understand one thing, for most of the other religious people in our nation, mostly don't have any patriotism & belived that once the hindu people had a glimpse of western culture, they would be a shamed of our religion & consider their religious books as holy than the Vedas. Dear brothers & sisters I'll leave the above statement to ur knowledge whether its a joke or its a time for 2nd freedom fight by our Hindus against Anti-Hindus.
This virulent, malignity, intolerable activity was opposed by a gallent Hindu organisations especially, Bajrang Dal & HJS. There furious soldiers attacked the residence of Hussain. Is it wrong? For instance, I'll ask a question to u people who are opposing the action of Hindu Organisations in this issue: We all see our matha in the form of God. If anyone abuse ur mother without any reason, are u keep quite? Even a cowardice one won't endure this and begin to rebuke. It's quite natural emotion even to ordinary Bharathiyan. Then are u people turned into Vegetable? Just siting and watching the defamation of our Bharat Matha? This only shots our Dis-UNITY.
On the other side some people said You've to see it in an artistic manner. Same on you people. Did any one draw your mother like this means? Just think what'll be your reaction on that time? Sitting idly and page see my mother in artistic manner or struggle as a valiant brave men? Not only this, think why Hussain don't give effigy to his imageless Allah?
In 2006, Haridhwar court send Summon to Hussain but he shut his mouth so the court order to seize his property and to arrest him. Hindu organisation also strongly shows their opposition. Finally, he allocate(Migrate) to London.
Oh! Oh! Hussain doesn't know about delicate, dainty, sacredness of Bharat, but the big ashame is the ruling congress party itself doesn't know anything about our nation? Without any allegiance congress trying to bring back the death body of Hussain to Bharath. It's not a surprise once because now we are under the control of Italian Woman Sonia, who's already portrait as Bharath Matha & Durga Devi by Congressmen. Then, what's the different between Hussain & Congress? To safe the minority vote bank, the congress makes the childish drama.
Every Bharat subjects to wake-up & join our bro together & protest against the government to for there activity. (trying to bring back the body) i stout heartedly say whoever supports the activity of late Hussain whether it may Congress/ Communist/Islamist/Christianist ideologist parties or any secularism speaking Hindu whoever may be all are a malefactor who obloquy Bharath Matha & Hindu Goddess.
Jai Hindu Rashtra.
(Thanks to VEER BHARATHI for English Translation work).

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